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Bunbury Bulldogs FC Seniors

The Bunbury Football Club is located at PC Payne Park, Herbert Rd, East Bunbury.

Established during the late 1890s the club was originally known as Railways which reflected the long association of many players and supporters from the inaugural teams had through employment at the marshalling yards (then located at the current site of the Centre Point Shopping Centre). Indeed history reflects some of the greatest players were recruited from across the country regions of WA through "spies" in the railways who guided them towards the port town of Bunbury and to play for Railways.

At this time the club was located at the Recreation Ground next to the Back Beach. Many stories still abound of winning the last quarter and the game through 70-80 long kicks (aided by a strong sea breeze).

The name of the club was formerly changed when the South West Football League was established in 1957 and the Bunbury Football Club was a foundation club of the competition.

During the 1960s plans were advanced that saw the club relocate to PC Payne Park. Over the next 2 decades a club house, change rooms and gymnasium were built.

Today the Bunbury Football Club Seniors and Juniors operate from Payne Park. During the season training is generally hosted on the following days and time:

SENIOR TRAINING (Colts, Reserves & League) - Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights from 6pm

JUNIOR TRAINING (Year 4-7) - Tuesday 4pm, (Year 8) Tuesday & Thursdays 4pm & (Year 9-11) 5pm

** Times may vary so please contact the specific coach for your team

Should you be interested in playing Senior Football please contact one of the coaches listed below:

League Team       Jamie Nani                         0404 856 554
Reserves Team    Dave Barbour                     0481 966 645
Colts Team          Troy Hollands                     0437 414 592

Should you be interested in playing Junior Football please contact Jarrad Zanich on 0421 389 262