Life Members

Life Members

The Bunbury Football Club has had many great playing and non-playing contributors to our football club.

Players automatically receive life membership after playing 150 games for the club. While volunteers and supporters who have worked tirelessly for the club over an extended period of time can be nominated for this recognition.

Allen, Barry
Bitmead, Joy*
Brown, Brian
Dawson, George*
Dunn, Colin
Evill, Greig
Fotakis, George
Griffiths, Joe
Hastie, Mary*
Hay, Codey
Henning, Aub
Hough, Scott
Keeler, John*
Lange, Carl
Mason, Cyril
McGuire, Max*
Mitchell, John
Owens, Clem*
Pittard, Ray Jnr
Reimers, Craig
Sargent, Eric
Smith, Lionel*
Strachan, Sandy*
Taylor, Shane
Trezise, Ron
Wallrodt, Ross
Yates, Ken*
Zaknic, Mike

Bennell, John
Bitmead, Bert*
Clifton, Alex*
Deighton, Tony
Edwards, Murray
Fedele, Joe
Giankulos, Jerry
Hall, Alan
Hastie, Tom*
Hayward, Stuart
Hislop, Bob
Howison, Glen
Kendle, Garry
Larsson, Steve
Mayne, Bill
McLeod, Alex*
O’Keefe, Chris
Pain, Evelyn*
Pittard, Ray Snr*
Riley, Helen*
Sellick, Frank*
Soulas, Chris
Sweeting, Isabella
Tidy, Graham
Usher, Pat*
Ward, Noel
Yates, Shirley*