Football has been played since the early 1890s in the greater Bunbury region. At the time the local competition consisted of teams only residing in the then Bunbury area. Records of these competition are somewhat inconsistent.

Through various changes to the games administration other regional competitions merged from across the South West area to commence the South West Football League in 1957.

Since this time the Bunbury Football Club has won 8 League Premierships in the following years:

  • 2017
  • 2001
  • 1983
  • 1982
  • 1970
  • 1962
  • 1961
  • 1958

Team photos will be added to this website shortly.

Should anyone be able to provide a picture of the premiership teams from 1958-1970 please contact the club as that would be greatly appreciated.

The Bunbury Football Club has had many champion footballers progress through it ranks to play football at the highest level.

In the past two decades this has included AFL players Phil Narkle (our club’s only Sandover Medallist), Kyle Reimers, Neville Jetta, Louis Jetta and Connor Blakely.

At WAFL level these include triple WAFL Premiership Captain Keith Narkle, 200 WAFL gamer Shane Renfree, Steve Eaton, Steve Kelderman, Leigh Hislop, Liam McGuire, Darren Williams, Shane Nani, Jamie Nani and many more.

At the local South West Football League (SWFL) level our club has had many champion players with special acknowledgement to the following winners of the SWFL highest individual award the Hayward Medal.

Our clubs winner are:

  • Ron Trezise (Snr)
  • Max McGuire
  • John Rogers
  • George Spalding
  • Grant Hawkes (dual winner)
  • Jamie Nani
  • Mick Sherry
  • Jesse Gribble (dual winner)


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The Bunbury Football Club would like to acknowledge the following list of club champions who were awarded fairest & best during their years of service to the club.

1948 Neville ‘Tibby’ Hislop *
1949 Hugh Scott *
1950 Ron Trezise (Snr)*
1951 Ron Wulff *
1952 Ron Trezise (Snr) *
1953 Max Clements *
1954 Ray Teede *
1955 Graham Gardner * 
1956 Ray Watterson 
1957 Ross Wallrodt 
1958 Syd Underwood 
1959 Dave Taylor 
1960 Ron Thomas 
1961 Max McGuire 
1962 Grahame Tidy 
1963 Bill Davey 
1964 Aubrey Henning 
1965 John Rogers 
1966 John Rogers 
1967 Max McGuire 
1968 Max McGuire 
1969 Alan Trainer 
1970 Grahame Tidy 
1971 Les Mills 
1972 Carl Lange 

1973 David Little 
1974 David Little 
1975 Les Mills 
1976 John Rogers 
1977 Mick Thompson
1978 Alf Shiosaki 
1979 Carl Lange 
1980 Peter Vale 
1981 Ron Trezise (Jnr)
1982 Alf Shiosaki 
1983 Alf Shiosaki 
1984 Barry Allen 
1985 Mark Brown 
1986 Mark Brown 
1987 Grant Hawkes 
1988 Kim Gibbs 
1989 Kim Gibbs 
1990 Angelo Conti 
1991 Grant Hawkes 
1992 Brett Lee 
1993 Grant Hawkes 
1994 Craig Rogers 
1995 Chris O’Keefe 
1996 Grant Hawkes 
1997 Austin Kelly  

* Railways Football Club 

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The Bunbury Football Club has had many great playing and non-playing contributors to our football club.

Players automatically receive life membership after playing 150 games for the club. While volunteers and supporters who have worked tirelessly for the club over an extended period of time can be nominated for this recognition.

Allen, Barry
Bitmead, Joy*
Brown, Brian
Dawson, George*
Dunn, Colin
Evill, Greig
Fotakis, George
Griffiths, Joe
Hastie, Mary*
Hay, Codey
Henning, Aub
Hough, Scott
Keeler, John*
Lange, Carl
Mason, Cyril
McGuire, Max*
Mitchell, John
Owens, Clem*
Pittard, Ray Jnr
Reimers, Craig
Sargent, Eric
Smith, Lionel*
Strachan, Sandy*
Taylor, Shane
Trezise, Ron
Wallrodt, Ross
Yates, Ken*
Zaknic, Mike

Bennell, John
Bitmead, Bert*
Clifton, Alex*
Deighton, Tony
Edwards, Murray
Fedele, Joe
Giankulos, Jerry
Hall, Alan
Hastie, Tom*
Hayward, Stuart
Hislop, Bob
Howison, Glen
Kendle, Garry
Larsson, Steve
Mayne, Bill
McLeod, Alex*
O’Keefe, Chris
Pain, Evelyn*
Pittard, Ray Snr*
Riley, Helen*
Sellick, Frank*
Soulas, Chris
Sweeting, Isabella
Tidy, Graham
Usher, Pat*
Ward, Noel
Yates, Shirley*